Make Up Recap

Long time not blogging, because I had the hectic thing that I don’t know when will end 😢😢 But, let’s forget about that thing. For today’s blog, I want to recap the make up that I made, hope it’ll give you the idea for everyday make up, because it’s easy-to-go for every situation, when you … More Make Up Recap

The Kawaii Baby

Not enough with Asian style dose, now we’re trying Japanese Kawaii Style. As I said before in my other blog, me Fordeux, and Hastosa had this hobby to shoot for portfolio. So let’s take a look on our creation playing with Japanese style! Still in the kitchen set, and I KNOW it even not match … More The Kawaii Baby

Black and White Drama

My look for black and white scene. I love this scene because it looks dramatic and so meaningful just the way you look the expression. Looks like the pre wedding scene. Not pre wedding anymore :p The expression of You-get-the-fresh-air-after-so-much-heat-exposure.   We played the expression in this scene. How it looks like? Is it yes … More Black and White Drama

Asian Fashion

Dalam sehari biasanya kami mencoba banyak style untuk pemotretan. Di awal blog yg udah aku buat, aku memakai satu set tempat dan berbagai style yg kami coba. Sekarang aku bakal pamerin untuk style Korea lainnya. Wide leg trouser, camisole in the outside, and sweatshirt. Just simple as that.   Hmm can you describe this pose. … More Asian Fashion