The Adolescent Ulzzang

I’m thinking of wearing the high school style, maybe Asian high school style. And a bit of ulzzang.

How about my make up? Is it make me look younger?? 😂😂

Ponytail is a must for looking younger than our age.

And why I look so scary and mad 😅

And here’s the full of my kawaii high school style. Am I look younger?? 😳😅

Btw, I don’t want to pass my adolescent, and not ready for being an adult. Why it’s so hard to be an adult, and prepare for having serious relationship, married, pay everything and care with. Not that I’m worried of paying my clothes alone 😛 but I’m thinking of how I can manage money of household, electricity, food and everything when I’m becoming a mother. Did you ever afraid of being an adult with a lot of responsibility that we must take, yet we want to play, travel, and being free more?? 😥


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