Nusa Penida, Bali 

If you ever went to Bali, you should know Nusa Penida island, because it’s quite famous lately. There’s a lot of spot that great in there. Like Angel’s Billabong cry, Manta point, and Kelingking beach. The one that I write now is Kelingking Beach. 
I amazed when I saw it the first time, even I live in Bali. I’m asking myself, why Bali has a lot of great place in just one island?? And where should I go again, I mean abroad when I have Bali in one package?? 

Still the opening, you’ll amaze with other photo that I’ll share. 

I have crush with earrings right now. My must item for traveling 😍

Parka, even when you’ve get breeze from the sea, you still feel warm, but not hot, plus stylish. 

See that beach?!!!! Gawddd, so peruuhhtyy 😍😍😍😍 That tosca color water, rock, and white sand. Everything so beautiful. If you happen go to Bali, and don’t know where to find nusa penida, you can go to nusa penida via fast boat from Sanur. It’s only 170K idr round trip. From 8Am, 10Am, 3Am, and takes 40mnts to go there. Then, from harbour to get to Kelingking beach, it takes around 40mnts by bike or car (you can rent them on the spot) Don’t worry with the direction, they’ve sign along the road. 

I’m planning to go here again, because last time I went there, I didn’t have time to go down to that waterfall, from what I saw, it has small pool and like we can swim with view of wave slapping the rock 😍😍 SOOOO GREATTT. 

How’s your feeling about those pictures??  Lemme know your comment 


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