Goa Rangreng Waterfall 

There’s still a lot of post that I postponed to post. Because I’m a bit confused with myself, which one should I post first. 😥

Btw, so I choose to post this waterfall that located in Gianyar, and near from Kanto Lampo waterfall. 

The way to go to the waterfall. As usual, I always travel with those people (except the one that first walk in, because he’s the guide) 

If you follow my instagram, you’ll see this picture, and I already uploaded it long time ago. 😋

A bit of walk to the river, to just checking another location for taking pictures. Because the location of waterfall is near from the entrance, so the guide will take you to another location to just taking another angle for shoot. 

Me, after falling from slippery. Too bad the stone so slippers. Just make sure to be careful. 

Not too high for the waterfall. As I said before, the high waterfall in Bali just located in Singaraja. But it worth for travel in Gianyar, if you’re kind of bored with Ubud. 


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