Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 

Still in China, I’m gonna tell you my first experience seeing snow. So we were going to this mountain that really are cold. I freeze myself till couldn’t zipp my bag. 

It was windy so we can’t reach the top of the mountain, and decided to just eating sausage and tomb of corn. LOL 

Then we watched the show that everyday always held in the peak of the mountain. The show was AMAZING. And it told us about what China culture looks like. It cost around 500K IDR to enter the mountain and to watch the show. 

And we were going to this area, little waterfall. 

No wonder why the mountain name is Jade, maybe because the river that located in the foot of its mountain has the blue green water color. 

How lovely 😍😍  it took 15minutes from the parking lot in the Jade Dragon Mountain, and the name of this area is, Blue Moon Valley. 

How I want to go to China again, except the people can’t speak other languages except Chinese. 


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