The Old City, Lijiang 

How I love the old town and something that have old architecture in here. And the old town that I came to was Lijiang in Yunnan province. 

On the street to Lijiang old town. 

Love the architecture 😍😍

I never saw this amount of flower. Because in Bali the one that bloom too much just bougainvillea. But in China, everythings bloom, because I came there on spring. 

You can see these ladies wearing old fashioned clothes and take pictures, but you must pay them, like just giving tips. 

The old town when its night. 

Every food Is quite cheap in China, and noodle is the primer food for them. But not cheap when you enter this old town, because of the famous and attractive places in here, that’s why they increase the price. I guess they always cook with a lot of msg, that’s why I’ve got sore throat after I travel in here. But everything was good, and you must try their food at least. 


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