Yogyakarta night life 

Yesterday I wrote about Taman Sari Palace or in the day life. Now I’m blogging about the little thing from the night life in Yogya. Yogyakarta is the student city and a friendly cost living. Also the food really is delicious, the javanese food. Gudeg, is the famous food if you plan to go there. And you should visit Malioboro too. It sells clothes, souvenirs, and batik that so Yogya and all quite cheap. 

Be cautious because you can’t trust into crowd right?? 

It’s in the Alun-alun Yogyakarta, or in the heart of Yogya. So cute isn’t it? 

VW in the heart of Yogya 😍 If you want to rent it to circling the square, it costs 20.000 IDR 

There’s a myth if you can cross the big tree that located in this Alun-alun, you can get what you’re thinking about while you crossed it. Believe it or not, I was thinking about working abroad, but I can’t cross the tree, but when I asked about having nice and great husband for me, I can crossed it. But I hope my wish come soon *prayalot 🙏😋


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