Taman Sari, Yogyakarta

This was the trip that I did couple years ago with my mom. Yogyakarta is the trip for streetfood and all are cheap. It has a lot of temple and famous for its heritage. Because we just had 3days for this trip, so we didn’t have much time to travel around here. 

Me with my favorite ethnic crop top

The rooftop in Taman Sari Temple. How lovely, isn’t it??

It’s freaking hot in Yogyakarta. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and your best hat. 

Inside the palace. It’s Taman Sari Palace, the name of it temple. (psst, sorry for the quality of taking this picture, my mom did this 😒) 

There’s a lot of old architecture in here, and still in great condition. You just need to pay for 15.000 IDR for local to get in. 

There’s an artist house near the entrace of this palace. Too good just to pass by. Make sure to take the picture on it 😜

I want to visit Yogya more, if I have chance and time. 


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