Make Up Recap

Long time not blogging, because I had the hectic thing that I don’t know when will end 😢😢
But, let’s forget about that thing. For today’s blog, I want to recap the make up that I made, hope it’ll give you the idea for everyday make up, because it’s easy-to-go for every situation, when you don’t want to make up too overall. 

Too easy to wear everyday. Even it looks like I’m not wearing make up. 

Hmmm to lazy just to lift my ass and took picture properly. 
And for the second look is……. Flower bloom theme, nice for Spring daily make up 🌸🥀

How I loveeee this look. Messy hair with flower on that, purpelish based make up and bronze blush. Too bad I just took one picture in this look, because my camera off early 💔

What’s your comment?? Lemme know below 😊


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