Ulzzang Fashion

I can’t stand to see the kawaii or ulzzang picture just stay and I’m not trying it on myself. Yash! I love that style, maybe because my face so Asian, so it match with me.


Sorry for that expression. I made it looks like you caught stealing croissant. LOL


See?? So Ulzzang right? I, myself, can’t stop loving this style and the make up. (even it’s hard to wear that mini skirt. Yes, I love snacking, bread, cake, something sweet but salt, and sour, nahh every food for sure).


Flare sweatshirt, knee sock, that mini skirt, and don’t forget make up on. And one thing I love is, the curly bang. Isn’t it look cute?? Thanks to @fordeux to style it and @hastosa to taken the pict. Check their IG guys! Oh ya, my IG is @rari_niati if you want to check the update not so update post :p


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