Gili Terawangan

Sekarang mungkin terlalu lumrah mendengar kata Gili Terawangan, because it’s famous now. I came here when it’s still not famous like now. Now it’s kinda Phuket’s copy. Bedanya, pulauny terlalu besar dan capek juga sih kalau jalan kaki berkeliling pulau. You have to rent bicycle or cidomo to circling the island. I came here in 2014 with my friends, and the rent of bicycle still Rp 20.000 per day. 

Sorry for the quality of photo, I don’t have the good one with me. 

In front of one of the hotel view. They try to make as romantic as it looks. 

Because it’s an island. So what else that we do except swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Of course sun bathing too! 

How to get here, from Bali: with fast boat or ferry in padang bai. If I’m not mistaken, it cost Rp 350K for fast boat. Here’s the link

From Lombok: with fast boat from senggigi is Rp 450K (the new rate), but you can rent public transport that only cost Rp 20.000! But you need to wait till it full. 


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