Korean Make Up Ideas 

This isn’t the first time I start blogging, I already try blogging long time ago. But because I’m a moody person and maybe I don’t know how to write something, so I tend to replace it with new idea or just let it vacuum for long.

In this wordpress, I try to WRITE again, and be steady with what I start first. So…….. Let’s get started!


I never want to be a normal person, because I’m not an ordinary girl, everyone are the same, but you just don’t know how to express it (maybe). That’s why this blog is made for. Not really. hehe, I wanted to show my daily quirkiness and every places I go. Nahh, btw you won’t read this blog fully right, just see the pictures and the describe in an instant.

We, (me, Galih, and Fitri) usually have ideas for some of their portfolio, and I just happily helping them. I love being shoot, wear something weird, and make up in Asian (because of my face).




Ga In is the idea, we inspired by this Korean magazine photoshoot. Isn’t it look the same?? Ga In is the Kpop girl group artist. If I’m not mistaken, she has featuring with the infamous PSY in his hits MV. Her girl group name is Brown Eyed Girl (maybe the Kpopers know this info more than mine)


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