The Sweat suit

Sweat pants and velvet bomber, my kind of favorite thing, because it’s so simple and comfort. With just sneakers, and yes, as comfort as it looks.  The location is in Outdoor Café at Kerobokan, Bali. The food just so standard but the place really is cute. I’ll come there later to take some projects again … More The Sweat suit

Luoping County

This is the story of traveling to China. The first place that we went to is Luoping County. We went to the waterfall that located in there.  Beauty isn’t it?? The name of this waterfall is Jiulong Waterfall, and don’t ask me what is the meaning of that, because I don’t know it 😜 The … More Luoping County

Ulzzang on the Shop

Basic tee and sweatpants are the comfort thing to use whenever and wherever it is. Just wear match accessories to make your theme.  See what I mean?  Playing around in this mart, even though I just bought socks and bread in the end. Lol Small choker makes you look ulzzang.  Casual shoe for the look.  … More Ulzzang on the Shop