That Streetstyle

One thing that you should know when mix and matching the clothes is, when you feel comfort to use them. I have falling for the earring lately. It can turn you out like great, quirky, elegant, or childish depends on the earring model. So cute, that old car being paint with contrast color and make … More That Streetstyle

Another Waterfall

I never get enough with nature, and never the nature bored to show how blessed we are to live on here. Went to waterfall whenever I have a chance, rather than going to mall, because I’m not that kind of girl that love go to crowded and seeing every shop and just look at the … More Another Waterfall

Red Cherry Make Up

I give you the look of mine when going somewhere that you don’t want to look so over make up.  I name it Red Cherry Make Up, because of that earring I wore and that red bold lipstick.  I love wearing hoop earring right now. Kinda kawaii and stylish thing. It can makes your wardrobe … More Red Cherry Make Up

Pablo’s in Bali

I don’t know that Pablo’s concept of café in Bali, but the thing that I know about this place is, just love the color block that he/she played in placing the ceramic. I came here with my friend in the noon, and it’s not open yet. It’s open from 5 PM to dawn maybe, because … More Pablo’s in Bali

Pink Pastel Pajamas

Pink pink and pink, maybe you’ll get bored when seeing my blogpost. But I don’t know why I tend to like pink lately. I think pink will make me look younger lol.  I think I look younger from my actual age. 😛 Pink Pastel sweater, pink cotton shorts, and white half knee sock, it will … More Pink Pastel Pajamas

Dark Women Style

The Dark Women, I mean for the dark grunge style, which is the style I love the most. Feel free and cool to wear it (for me). It’s like my semi female fatale of my alter ego. I love being cool and show my darkest side, like this With long shirt dress, black turtleneck, and … More Dark Women Style