Pink Pastel Pajamas

Pink pink and pink, maybe you’ll get bored when seeing my blogpost. But I don’t know why I tend to like pink lately. I think pink will make me look younger lol.  I think I look younger from my actual age. 😛 Pink Pastel sweater, pink cotton shorts, and white half knee sock, it will … More Pink Pastel Pajamas

Dark Women Style

The Dark Women, I mean for the dark grunge style, which is the style I love the most. Feel free and cool to wear it (for me). It’s like my semi female fatale of my alter ego. I love being cool and show my darkest side, like this  With long shirt dress, black turtleneck, and … More Dark Women Style

Nusa Penida, Bali 

If you ever went to Bali, you should know Nusa Penida island, because it’s quite famous lately. There’s a lot of spot that great in there. Like Angel’s Billabong cry, Manta point, and Kelingking beach. The one that I write now is Kelingking Beach.  I amazed when I saw it the first time, even I … More Nusa Penida, Bali 

Velvet Dress

Same as before, it still around grunge style. Just the simple midi velvet dress, and make up on, also give the accessories that will change your look.  Choker still the best partner for grunge look. Also black bralette.  Showing my weird trying-to-look-sexy-pose 😝 Black boots that will change your look forever. From feminim to 180′ … More Velvet Dress

Black Grunge 

My apologies, that it takes long time to upload a blog.  The theme right now is about grunge fashion that I love the most. Like this The make up too must be so cool and give you darkside look.  Black turtleneck and fishnet as the trend right now.  Black, black, and all black (except mini … More Black Grunge